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Volunteer Opportunities

Membership and Outreach

We are currently looking for volunteers for committee members and chair that will coordinate membership records, greeting before church, care to members who are ill, and outreach to the community.  Ideally we would like to have enough people on this committee to split into two committees, one for “in” the church and one for outreach outside the church.  Please contact if interested.

Building and Grounds

If you are interested in volunteering to maintain our building and/or grounds, please contact Paul Culp at

Sunday Morning

Greeter: Arrive 10-10:15 am, handout OOS and welcome people as they come in. Make coffee if needed.  For new visitors, point out restrooms, coffee, where to make a name tag, etc.

Leader: If you would like to be a Zoom or in-person service leader, please contact us at This involved creating the service – creating opening words, responsive readings, benedictions, introducing the speaker – basically managing the service.

  • Welcome/announcements

  • Read chalice lighting

  • Announce/close Joys & Concerns

  • Select and read opening Words

  • Announce hymns

  • Announce offertory, responsive reading, and person who introduces the speaker

  • On Fellowship Sunday, select and read Story for all ages, and ask others if they have anything to share

  • Lights chalice

  • Responsive reading

  • Introduces speaker

  • Bring microphone to audience during discussion

  • Extinguish chalice

Lunch Treater

If you go to lunch and the speaker also goes, please offer to pay for their lunch.

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