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Meeting Room only

(20 people maximum)

Voting Members $25/hour, $50 deposit Nonmembers $50/hour, $100 deposit

Sanctuary only

(100 people maximum, 2 hour minimum)

Voting Members $37.50/hour, $75 deposit Nonmembers $75, $150 deposit


Whole Building

(125 people maximum, 2 hours minimum, excludes church office)

Voting Members $50/hour, $100 deposit. Nonmembers $100/hour, $200 deposit

There is an additional $100 alcohol deposit. No alcohol is served to minors. No alcohol may be sold. Events providing alcoholic beverages require the attendance of a security guard. Lessee is responsible for hiring a security guard.

Certain non-profit organizations (meeting room only) may be eligible for free rental.


  • Absolutely no smoking in the building. Smoking is allowed on the property, but Lessee will be responsible for any damage to the grounds.

  • The lessee shall provide proof of liability insurance for their event and are responsible for all fees for such insurance. Damages over the Deposit amount will be claimed on the insurance provided.

  • Cancelled events: Full refund with more than one week’s notice. Less than one-week, rental fee will be returned, deposit will be kept.

  • Property must be equal or better than you found it. If kitchen facilities are contracted for use, they must be left clean, trash removed, and dishes washed. Any broken dishes must be reported. Any damage to property, including furniture, equipment, musical instruments, PA system, or any necessary cleaning will be taken from deposit. The remainder of the deposit, if any, will be refunded within one month.

  • All rentals include restrooms, parking lot, and patio areas.

  • The church is not available on Sundays from 8 am to 1 pm.

  • No pre or post activities allowed. You will get the key when your reservation starts and return the key when your reservation is over unless alternate arrangements are made. Additional hourly fees will apply and may be taken from deposit.

  • Lessees are responsible for the behavior of their guests, including any damages.

  • No animals other than service animals without prior authorization.

  • Lessee and guests must follow all laws, including use of illegal drugs.

  • No use of glitter, confetti, rice, or fireworks are allowed in the building or on the grounds. Birdseed and bubbles are allowed outside.

  • No firearms are permitted in the church or on the church property.

  • The church reserves the right to refuse rentals for any group that discriminates based on race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability or sexual or gender orientation.

  • It is the responsibility of the Lessee to maintain a respectable noise level. The church is in a residential neighborhood. Excessive noise after hours may result in reporting to law enforcement.

  • Parking is limited.

  • Damages exceeding the deposit will be the responsibility of the Lessee.

  • In advertising your event, Lessee should not use “Thoreau Woods Unitarian Universalist

       Church”, initials or part thereof as if the church were sponsoring the event, rather “meeting at ..”     

       or another qualifier should be used.

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